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“All change” at Surbiton Hill.

Change of Councillors.

The committee were sorry to lose Councillors Paul Johnston, Nick Kilby and Janet Bowen-Hitchings (who was standing down) who have served our ward [Surbiton Hill] well for many years now and helped EBRRA on its way.

We are particularly sad to lose Paul and Nick who were instrumental some years ago in supporting several Ellerton and Bond Road residents in their efforts to gain Council and police action in addressing antisocial and criminal activity in both roads.
The successful outcome of which lead to the formation of EBRRA which they have further supported.

We wish them all well for the future and they have said they will ‘not be far away.’

 As yet we have not met and do not know our new Councillors:
Neil Houston.
Malcolm Self.
Umesh Parekh.

The first opportunity will be the next Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting at the Dysart School, Ewell Road on Wednesday May 26th starting at 19:30.

We look forward to getting to know and working with our new Councillors regarding matters involving EBRRA and our local residents.


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  1. May 15, 2010 at 11:14

    Thanks for the kind remarks. Working with EBRRA has been a particular pleasure for both Nick and me. I shall always greatly value the friendships we have formed with members over the years.
    I hope you get good service from the new councillors. However, I’ll say, au revoir until the Big Lunch – not goodbye. Who knows what thefuture may hold in store. With the events of the last two weeks anything can happen!
    My very warmest regards to all members of EBRRA.

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