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“Getting to know you …..”

Over the last few weeks members of the EBRRA committee have been ‘door knocking’ in Ellerton and Bond Road.

In the past we have communicated with residents via an A4 newsletter around 3 times a year.
However, we seem to be plagued with piles of junk mail in this area – even being delivered on a Sunday – and felt our newsletter was probably immediately ‘recycled’ along with the junk mail before being read. 
This is probably the norm for many of us.

So, we decided to have some attractive cards printed detailing coming events and EBRRA itself and to try to speak to our residents.
We were all very pleased as to the way things went and the interest shown by residents.
It was a pleasure for us to meet so many residents we didn’t know and the many familes in our two roads now.

We collected a considerable number of residents email addresses and this will be a usful means of keeping you informed about developments/problems/events.
If we did not get your email address we would be pleased if you would forward it to us at EBRRA@rocketmail.com

Many said they would be attending the Big Lunch on Sunday July 18th which is great and we all look forward to a wonderful day of meeting up and getting to know other residents.

More details of the Big Lunch on the tab above.

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