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What a lovely afternoon.

EBRRA’s Big Lunch a great success.

250 – or more Ellerton and Bond Road residents joined together yesterday to share lunch and a few hours together.

Bond Road section.

The event exceeded even the wildist of the committee’s expectations.

Ellerton Road looking north.

Everyone said the really enjoyed it and we must do it again.  

Ellerton Road looking south.

Residents and children re-claimed the streets for a few traffic free hours.

The activity hub.

Sadly the afternoon had to come to an end and the bunting taken down …….

…… but some people just didn’t want to go home!

The EBRRA committee are very grateful to all the helpers, residents who gave donations towards EBBRA’s running costs, purchased raffle tickets and donated prizes to the raffle.

But special thanks to all our residents and children who attended the BigLunch which made it the success it was.

We CAN do it – and more if we work together.

A fuller report will appear later with more photos and acknowledgements to helpers.


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    July 21, 2010 at 22:08

    A great Thanks to all the organisers- Lets look forward to getting more people involved next year.! Thanks again!

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