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Thank you residents.

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment


Many thanks to all those residents who attended last Mondays residents meeting at the Corner House.

It was our best attended meeting ever and it was certainly our most ‘lively!’

Amongst other things, through residents giving their views followed by discussion we were pleased to obtain an agreed consensus on the current double yellow line proposals for Ellerton and Bond roads.
This has now been taken away by RBKT and a new draft proposal will be drafted reflecting residents wishes.

By having well attended residents meetings EBRRA is able to obtain a balanced consensus of residents views which helps us all to be fair – and seen to be so – which is important.

So, please do attend our future meetings and have your say.
We can’t I’m afraid promise they will be quite as ‘lively’ – but who knows?

It’s your association and the committee need your views.

Our next residents meeting will be end of October early November. 

Thanks again for attending.

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