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Yellow lining passed.

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment


The revised proposels for double yellow lining on some corners of Ellerton and Bond Road were passed at the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting held on September 8th.

The corners in question are:
Ellerton and Ditton Road.
Bond Road and Tolworth Park Road northern section.
Bond Road and Thornhill Road.

Also the section of Ellerton Road adjacent to the culvert.
And, the eastern corner of the triangle garden and adjacent to the entrance to the new construction site to aid the manoeuvre of construction and delivery lorries – this lining may well not be implemented till a start date for construction is announced.

The two sections of lining on the latest proposals at Ellerton/Dennan will not happen as was agreed at the last EBRRA public meeting – and this was confirmed at the SNC meeting.

EBRRA hopes very much that the double yellow lining at the exit of Ellerton Road into Ditton Road by the triangle garden will be made a priority owing to the fact of the white corner hatching often being ignored and parked over thereby blocking sight lines especially from traffic (speeding) down Ditton Road from Ewell Road where the road curves ‘out of sight’ from the Ewell Road junction.

The plans can be seen by clicking the yellow lining tab on the home page.



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