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Ellerton Road burglaries!

There have been four burglaries in Ellerton Road – around Bond to Dennan this year.
And there is evidence of people having been in back gardens.

There are several things we can do to make our houses less likely to be burgled.

Leave a light on a time switch in the house to make your home look occupied in the late afternoon and evening.
Close curtains at night.
Don’t leave tools or ladders easy to get at in the back garden.
Lock garden sheds and back gates.

And most importantly keep your eyes and ears open for strangers, callers and cars not normally parked in your area. 

If you see anything ‘not quite right’ please do call the police. They would rather follow up a false alarm than miss catching an offender. 

More information can be founsd on our Facebook page:    “EBRRA community” 

  1. rotarysurbiton
    March 19, 2012 at 18:49

    It would be interesting to know if there is any pattern to the sort of things that are being taken. Is it light, expensive electronic gadgets or are we talking about metal thefts? The Rotary president had a dismantled radiator taken out of the garden but was quite pleased to see the back of it as she would have had to transport it to the dump.

    We think we picked up that Worthington and Dennan Roads are to be admitted to the EBBRA association. Any news of other roads wanting to join in?

    Wishing you all the best
    Rotary Surbiton.

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