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Yellow lining passed.

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment


The revised proposels for double yellow lining on some corners of Ellerton and Bond Road were passed at the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting held on September 8th.

The corners in question are:
Ellerton and Ditton Road.
Bond Road and Tolworth Park Road northern section.
Bond Road and Thornhill Road.

Also the section of Ellerton Road adjacent to the culvert.
And, the eastern corner of the triangle garden and adjacent to the entrance to the new construction site to aid the manoeuvre of construction and delivery lorries – this lining may well not be implemented till a start date for construction is announced.

The two sections of lining on the latest proposals at Ellerton/Dennan will not happen as was agreed at the last EBRRA public meeting – and this was confirmed at the SNC meeting.

EBRRA hopes very much that the double yellow lining at the exit of Ellerton Road into Ditton Road by the triangle garden will be made a priority owing to the fact of the white corner hatching often being ignored and parked over thereby blocking sight lines especially from traffic (speeding) down Ditton Road from Ewell Road where the road curves ‘out of sight’ from the Ewell Road junction.

The plans can be seen by clicking the yellow lining tab on the home page.



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Are you recycling waste?

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Confused about what you can recycle?

I am!

I recently contacted RBKT regarding recycling aerosol cans – deodorant, shaving foam etc since they all have the recycle symbol on the side of the can.
These are not recyclable via houshold collections and appear not to be at Villiars Road.
[Further enquiries to be made]

And, what about plastics – there seem to be so many different types – they are listed here:

Here is a link detailing household recycling collection items:

And here, what can be recycled at Villiars Road:

I hope this is of use – though I’m still a bit confused.



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Thank you residents.

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment


Many thanks to all those residents who attended last Mondays residents meeting at the Corner House.

It was our best attended meeting ever and it was certainly our most ‘lively!’

Amongst other things, through residents giving their views followed by discussion we were pleased to obtain an agreed consensus on the current double yellow line proposals for Ellerton and Bond roads.
This has now been taken away by RBKT and a new draft proposal will be drafted reflecting residents wishes.

By having well attended residents meetings EBRRA is able to obtain a balanced consensus of residents views which helps us all to be fair – and seen to be so – which is important.

So, please do attend our future meetings and have your say.
We can’t I’m afraid promise they will be quite as ‘lively’ – but who knows?

It’s your association and the committee need your views.

Our next residents meeting will be end of October early November. 

Thanks again for attending.

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Proposed corner double yellow lining.

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Suggestions by EBRRA to RBKT early last year for double yellow lines on some corner junctions of Ellerton and Bond Road – which were discussed and approved on safety grounds for both motorists and pedestrians at two residents meetings during 2009 have been combined with RBKT proposals for yellow lining on parts of the triangle garden to facilitate easy access for lorries to the pending new construction site and for Environment Agency access to the culvert in Ellerton Road. 

The proposals were discussed for a considerable amount of time during the Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting on June 16th but approval was not possible owing to late declarations of opposition to some of the propsals [of which EBRRA were unaware] and the matter was deferred without decision.

The propsals will again be discussed at EBRRA’s residents meeting next Monday July 26th with both RBKT and our Councillors present in order to get a decision this time.

All residents are requested to try and attend this meeting in order to gain a balanced view on decisions regarding these proposals.

Please click the committee/meetings tab for the Minutes of last residents meeting and location/time.


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What a lovely afternoon.

July 19, 2010 1 comment

EBRRA’s Big Lunch a great success.

250 – or more Ellerton and Bond Road residents joined together yesterday to share lunch and a few hours together.

Bond Road section.

The event exceeded even the wildist of the committee’s expectations.

Ellerton Road looking north.

Everyone said the really enjoyed it and we must do it again.  

Ellerton Road looking south.

Residents and children re-claimed the streets for a few traffic free hours.

The activity hub.

Sadly the afternoon had to come to an end and the bunting taken down …….

…… but some people just didn’t want to go home!

The EBRRA committee are very grateful to all the helpers, residents who gave donations towards EBBRA’s running costs, purchased raffle tickets and donated prizes to the raffle.

But special thanks to all our residents and children who attended the BigLunch which made it the success it was.

We CAN do it – and more if we work together.

A fuller report will appear later with more photos and acknowledgements to helpers.


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The Big Lunch – nearly here.

July 15, 2010 4 comments


Just a few days to go now before our big community event.
Fingers crossed for fine sunny weather.

Things to do.

Balloons & Bunting to be blown up and fixed on Saturday the 17th from 6pm – all help welcome.

We are still short of raffle prizes so would be grateful for any offers – before – or on the day please.

Ellerton Road will be closed for several hours during the Big Lunch from Dennan Road to Tolworth Park Road.
And Bond Road will be closed at the same time from Ellerton Road to Tolworth Park Road.
It would be appreciated if people could temporarily remove their cars from these sections before the Big Lunch.

Buckets for donations towards the running costs of EBRRA will be ‘doing the rounds’ during the Big Lunch and any amount large or small will be gratefully accepted.

The day.

This will be an informal event giving residents of Ellerton and Bond Road the chance to meet, share some time for a chat and to make new friends.

The Flight Dance Group will be performing at 1 PM, then holding a 1/4 hour dance workshop followed by another performance.

A jazz group will be providing music during the lunch.

There will be a raffle with some great prizes.

Face painting for children – with pre issued free vouchers – £4 for visiting children.

Childrens ‘garden in a box’ competition – entries early please – ready for judging.

A ‘street mystery prize’ – remember to bring your recently delivered street numbered Big Lunch card.

And, of course, a time to chate to the EBRRA committee informally regarding any concerns you have.

We look forward to meeting as many residents as possible – so do please try to attend and have a nice day.


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“Getting to know you …..”

June 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the last few weeks members of the EBRRA committee have been ‘door knocking’ in Ellerton and Bond Road.

In the past we have communicated with residents via an A4 newsletter around 3 times a year.
However, we seem to be plagued with piles of junk mail in this area – even being delivered on a Sunday – and felt our newsletter was probably immediately ‘recycled’ along with the junk mail before being read. 
This is probably the norm for many of us.

So, we decided to have some attractive cards printed detailing coming events and EBRRA itself and to try to speak to our residents.
We were all very pleased as to the way things went and the interest shown by residents.
It was a pleasure for us to meet so many residents we didn’t know and the many familes in our two roads now.

We collected a considerable number of residents email addresses and this will be a usful means of keeping you informed about developments/problems/events.
If we did not get your email address we would be pleased if you would forward it to us at

Many said they would be attending the Big Lunch on Sunday July 18th which is great and we all look forward to a wonderful day of meeting up and getting to know other residents.

More details of the Big Lunch on the tab above.

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“All change” at Surbiton Hill.

May 11, 2010 1 comment

Change of Councillors.

The committee were sorry to lose Councillors Paul Johnston, Nick Kilby and Janet Bowen-Hitchings (who was standing down) who have served our ward [Surbiton Hill] well for many years now and helped EBRRA on its way.

We are particularly sad to lose Paul and Nick who were instrumental some years ago in supporting several Ellerton and Bond Road residents in their efforts to gain Council and police action in addressing antisocial and criminal activity in both roads.
The successful outcome of which lead to the formation of EBRRA which they have further supported.

We wish them all well for the future and they have said they will ‘not be far away.’

 As yet we have not met and do not know our new Councillors:
Neil Houston.
Malcolm Self.
Umesh Parekh.

The first opportunity will be the next Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee meeting at the Dysart School, Ewell Road on Wednesday May 26th starting at 19:30.

We look forward to getting to know and working with our new Councillors regarding matters involving EBRRA and our local residents.


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Special cleansing

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment


Another EBRRA success!

Following many months of badgering the Council and with the help of Councillor Paul Johnston, we finally got a full ‘special cleanse’ including drain flushing, of the section of Ellerton Road from Ditton Road to Dennan Road.

Owing to near constantly parked cars in this section of Ellerton Road and around the triangle garden – many of which are commuters cars – the motorised road sweeping vehicle of the Council is unable to clear gullies and kerbs allowing accumulation of rubbish – this then leads to blocked drains – which have not been flushed for several years.

This week on April 27th and 28th parking was restricted to either side of Ellerton Road thus allowing a full cleanse of the surface, gullies and drains. This would appear to be the only way this section of road can be properly swept and it is to be hoped this will now at least become annual event.

Whilst the road was clear the Council also properly repaired the potholes around the triangle garden area – as opposed to a recent patching which was done a few weeks ago. Also road markings and speed signing have been renewed.

EBRRA would like to thank the Council for undertaking this work which was done quickly and efficiently.
And, also thanks to Councillor Johnston for his help in achieving this.

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March 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome to Ellerton and Bond Road Residents’ Association website.

We aim to represent the interests of our local residents in an effort to solve any problems as they arise and to improve our local environment by liaising with our local Councillors and the RBKT directly.


The triangle garden at junction of Ellerton and Ditton Road Surbiton.


Click on committee/meetings tab for Minutes of last residents meeting. 

Click the works/projects tab for our 2010 activities.

To contact the committee please email us at:


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