How EBRRA began.

As a result of a considerable period of antisocial behaviour around 2005 – drug dealing, drunken and abusive behaviour, noise, youths on mopeds congregating, speeding and even fire-arm offences in Ellerton and Bond Roads, a group of individual residents contacted their local Councillors – Nick Kilby and Paul Johnston requesting a meeting with relevant Council departments to discuss the problems.

There followed a series of formal meetings chaired by the Council between these residents, representatives from several Council departments and the Police.
Whilst the Police were aware of some of the problems it seems the Council were not.

The meetings provided a platform for residents to air their concerns and for the Council to detail their obligations.         
Considerable discussion (from both sides) took place as to how to deal with the problems.

The outcome of these meetings was for several tenants in Council leased properties to be evicted, more vetting of tenants in Council leased property in future, renovation of Council leased properties and gardens all of which had a positive knock on effect with antisocial behaviour, drug dealing and youths congregating.

This demonstrated what could be achieved by residents working with their local Councillors and the Council together. It was suggested that this good work should be continued via the formation of a residents association which could again work directly with local councillors and the Council on behalf of residents – ‘strength in numbers.’

Several people from that original group of residents offered to set up a residents association and met several times to set up a committee and plan a way ahead. We leafleted all households in Ellerton and Bond Road and at our first public meeting the setting up of a residents association was endorsed by those who attended.                                                            
We have subsequently leafleted all households again and held a further public meeting – both of which have been at the Corner House in Douglas Road.

The EBRRA committee meet regularly and have been liaising with the Council regarding matters and concerns raised by residents at public meetings and via leaflet feedback.

The committee has drafted and adopted a Constitution- see below and opened a bank account in the name of EBRRA. Though the committee consists entirely of volunteers who give of their time freely there are inevitably running costs involved – printing leaflets and documents, phone/letter costs, hall hire, website costs etc.

Currently we do not intend to charge a residents membership fee for EBRRA – we want every resident of Ellerton and Bond Roads to be ‘a member’ of EBRRA which would not be the case if we had paid membership with some residents joining and others not.
We aim to represent all residents.
However, any donations towards running costs would be very welcome.

We are actively seeking funding not only for our day to day costs but to fund projects – which benefit Ellerton and Bond Roads – some in partnership with the Council.


 Ellerton and Bond Road Residents’ Association.

A Constitution.

1)  Name:   The Group shall be known as ‘Ellerton and Bond Road Residents’ Association.
EBRRA. (This may expand to other local roads, as thought desirable by The Committee.)

2)  Objectives:  This ‘charitable’, non-political  Group has been formed to; represent the collective interests and concerns of the residents, to any group necessary to achieve those interests;  promote better social activities within the area; to improve the cohesiveness of the residents, and improve the general surroundings and make this area a better place to live.’

3)  Officers of The Group, who are all volunteers and give their time freely, may be permitted to raise funds in a legal manner, to fulfil the interests of The Group, and shall be indemnified against any claim of malpractice or negligence.  Public Liability Insurance shall be secured. 

4)  Membership:  This shall be open to any current resident within the area represented, without any discrimination.
    4a) Associate Membership:  Non residents may be permitted to become Associate Members, if the Committee consider this will enhance the interests of The Group, e,g local Councillors, Businessmen, etc.
    4b) Group membership: Any group, considered supportive of this Group, may be permitted to Membership, upon agreement of The Committee.

5)  Membership fees:  Membership is open to any resident of the two roads. There shall initially be no Membership fee, but contributions will be gratefully accepted to help cover the basic set up costs of The Group, and Membership. The fee shall be reviewed at The Annual General Meeting and set at The Meeting. A list of current Members and their contact details, shall be held by The Secretary specifically only for the use of circulation of information. This will not be released to any other body, for any purpose, without permission.  
    5a) Members may resign at any time and, should they leave the immediate area, their Membership shall lapse automatically.  The Management Committee may unanimously and for good reason terminate the Membership of an individual. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Management Committee, accompanied by ‘a friend’, before the final decision is taken.

6)  Officers: The Officers of The Management Committee shall consist of A Chairman who shall chair each General and Committee Meeting;   A Secretary who shall keep records of all The Meetings of The Group and distribute any papers:  A Treasurer, who shall be responsible for maintaining accounts: A number of representatives of Ellerton and Bond Road, as shall be considered desirable by The Officers.

    6a)  The Officers shall be elected annually at The Annual General Meeting. In the event of an Officer standing down The Management Committee shall be empowered to appoint a replacement until the next AGM. All Honorary Officers shall be Members of The Management Committee. Other Members may be co-opted as felt necessary by The Officers.

7)  Meetings: There shall be an Annual General Meeting to which all Members shall be invited, and eligible to vote. Any items for this Meeting shall be with The Chairman, in writing, at least 5 days before The Meeting. Nominations for The Committee may be made at The AGM.  The ‘quorum’ for The AGM shall be 10% of the Members or 20 Members, whichever is the smaller no. In any case, after 20 minutes of the posted time of The Meeting, those present, shall form a quorum. The Secretary shall call a special General Meeting if requested to do so by 10 or more Members, in writing, giving the items to be considered. This shall constitute the only business considered by The Meeting.

    7a)  Committee meetings: These shall be held at least quarterly, including The AGM.
The quorum for these shall be 4, including The Chairman and or Secretary.

8)  Rules of Procedure: With the exception of changes to The Constitution, all decisions taken at any Meeting shall be by simple majority. If the numbers cast on each side are equal, The Chairman shall have an additional casting vote. All motions must have a proposer and seconder.

9)  Finances: An Account shall be maintained on behalf of The Association at a bank/building society agreed by The Committee. Signatories to the account shall be The Treasurer and one other of the currently mandated committee members. Every cheque drawn shall be recorded and full records of income and expenditure shall be kept by The Treasurer and a financial statement produced at each meeting. All monies raised by The Association shall be used solely on the objectives agreed at Meetings. Grants may be applied for, on behalf of The Association, particularly for special projects.

10)  Amendments to The Constitution: Any proposed amendments must be given to The Secretary in writing at least 7 days before The Meeting at which it is proposed. This shall be circulated to The Members, ideally by email. Any proposed changes to The Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote. Amendments my only be made at an Annual General Meeting.

11)  Dissolution:  May only be resolved at a Meeting by a simple majority, and a Special General Meeting shall then be called to consider that business only. If it is agreed to dissolve The Association, any public provided funds remaining shall be donated to a local charitable organisation, chosen at The Meeting.


EBRRA Equality and Diversity Statement

EBRRA aims to ensure that equality and diversity principles underpin all areas of the organisations work and service provision.

EBRRA recognises that many people and groups suffer discrimination and face barriers when trying to fulfil their full potential. It also recognises that not all forms of unreasonable and unfair discrimination are the subject of legislation. It is the aim of this organisation to take positive steps to redress discrimination, to improve equality of opportunity and to combat any unreasonable or unfair treatment which places people at a disadvantage for any reasons not directly related to their ability to do a job for this organisation or to their eligibility to receive services from us.

In most cases it is unlawful to discriminate against people on the grounds of gender, pregnancy, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sexuality/sexual orientation, religion or belief, or because they are disabled, married, a member of a trade union, work part time or on a fixed term contract.

However, we recognise that people may experience discrimination for many additional social, educational and economic reasons such as their language, health, physical or mental disability, HIV status, caring responsibilities, age, trade union activity, where they live, how they speak and whether they work flexibly.
This policy will apply equally to all these circumstances.

EBRRA will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or abuse of people who are members of staff or of people connected with the services proved by EBRRA or those working with us or on our behalf.


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