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Garden waste service – any problems?

May 30, 2009 2 comments

A resident in Douglas Road has emailed the ward councillors about his experience as he has tried to take part in the Council’s scheme for recycling garden waste, for which he has paid extra – as all participants do.

Week after week his bin wasn’t emptied and he had to phone the Contact Centre to complain. He also complained to Cllrs. Johnston and Bowen-Hitchings who took the matter up with the Service Director.  He was very concerned and very helpful.

It looked as though the matter was now resolving itself until the gentleman, having put his bin out on the due day this week and gone out returned home to find that, yet again, his bin was still as full as he had left it.

He phoned the contact centre again. This time a ’supervisor’ rang him back and told him that, despite the Council’s best efforts, they couldn’t provide him with the service he had paid for and would refund his money.

Have any other residents of Ellerton or Bond Roads had a similar experience to this gentleman?

Paul Johnston and Nick Kilby really would like to know, so please tell us of your experiences with this service. You can use the ‘Comment’ facility on this article to tell us or email Paul at or Nick at .

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