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A bench for the triangle

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee has agreed to install a small bench by the wayside garden (triangle) at the junction of Ellerton Road and Ditton Road.

Ward Councillors Nick Kilby and Paul Johnston were convincing in their argument that pedestrian residents might enjoy a a brief respite, carrying shopping bags from the bus stop in Ewell Road.

The Triangle garden.

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Traffic news – from RBK Highways to EBRRA

July 16, 2009 Leave a comment

A quick update… the 20 roundels to be painted  on the carriageway haveEllerton Road race-track
been ordered  but I think our lining contractor has a  backlog of work (and the carriageway needs to be dry) so that may take a few  weeks. The rationalisation of the road signs in Ditton Road/Ellerton Road  will be ordered shortly, our signing contractor is usually very quick so  >that will be done as soon as I speak to them.

I am  currently finishing the draft plans showing possible locations for double yellow  lines based on our meeting.  I am aiming to email these plans to you (as pdf’s)  in the next day or two.

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