September 13th 2010.

The developers of 2a Ellerton Road – below – have applied to RBKT for an extension to their planning application for the site which would have run out by the end of the year.
This must mean that the hoped for start of building this year will not now take place. 


 March 2010.


Work is finally due to start soon on # 2a Ellerton Road – which all will know better as the tall fenced off area on the corner of Ellerton and Ewell Road which was used by the police.

Plans for the new building – a mixture of flats with shops at pavement level can be seen below.

Construction of the new building may cause some disruption and/or inconvenience to residents, traffic flow and parking.
EBRRA have requested a site visit with our Councillors and RBKT representatives to discuss these matters and to discuss delivery lorry movements after construction.
Currently some (extra) double yellow line parking restrictions are proposed around the triangle which need to be discussed.

2a Ellerton Road as seen from Ski Lodge side.

2a Ellerton Road as seen from the Royal Oak.


Projects for 2010.

 The committee were pleased to see 6 new trees have been planted – 1 in Bond and 5 in Ellerton – and we continue to work and seek funding for more tree planting.

Planning for the Big Lunch [July 18th 2010 –] is progressing with a further meeting scheduled for March 9th 2010.

Planning for the front garden competition [garden, children’s box garden, window box, hanging basket] is progressing.

The Triangle Garden seat should be in place soon and some litter bins here and the adjacent garden.

Discussions have started already with RBKT about having Christmas lights and seasonal activity at the Triangle.
We are sorry this did not work out last Christmas as hoped.

Work/projects achieved during 2009.


Ellerton and Bond Road have been a 20 mph zone for many years – not that you would notice!
Speed humps were installed many years ago but some motorists – including annoyingly and inexcusably some of our own residents – still exceed the 20 mph speed limit.
This is a safety measure for the benefit of all of us – our children, our old folk and also our pets.  
And to preserve our residential environment.

RBKT at the request of the EBRRA committee have painted 20 mph roundels in both Ellerton and Bond Road.                 
So, there is now no excuse for speeding.

Road signs.

There was a confusing proliferation, and inaccuracy in some cases, of the road signs around ‘The Triangle’ in Ellerton Road.
RBKT at the request of the EBRRA committee reviewed the situation and replaced the inaccurate signs and removed the superfluous signs.


Following feedback from residents EBRRA has prompted some pavement repairs by the Council. 

EBRRA website.

We are indebted to Councillor Paul Johnston for his help in setting this up.


With the help of Councillors Paul Johnston and Nick Kilby EBRRA has secured funding for a seat and rubbish bin in ‘The Triangle’, 2 further bins to be placed elsewhere and the planting of 6 street trees at suitable points.

Work/projects pending now and into 2010.


Provision of bins for dog mess in Bond/Ellerton Road.

Double yellow lining on corners of Ellerton and Bond Road to improve safety.

Seeking further funding for additional projects that may arise.

EBRRA / Community events.

Christmas carols at ‘The Triangle’ Ellerton Road.

Front garden competition and under 12’s ‘best garden in a container.’

The Big Lunch 2010 –

Further street tree planting where possible.

Suggestions to the EBRRA committee please for further projects/ideas to improve our local environment.

To contact the committee please email us at:

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